2018 BMW i8 Leak And Release Info

Friday, August 25th, 2017 - BMW
2018 Bmw I8 Acceleration 900hp Vs Tesla


For the 2018 model year, BMW should release an updated version of its i8. Facelifted 2018 BMW i8, which would have been, has a more unique electric range and more horsepower strength.

Exterior and Interior

It is our first glimpse of the car as a whole, and could use the 2018 BMW i8 roadster to usher in a gentle face lift for the hard top coupe. However, since the car in our images is still, it is quite difficult to choose a small disguise in change in style and fit. The production model is clearly mitigated conceptual versions that we have seen in recent years, although a key design element is not moving to the two leading to the rear bumper cut that differentiate it.

Future concept of 2018 BMW i8 interaction and demonstrate the new functionality of gestural control and an elegant interior with a giant screen widescreen 21-inch and a lot of new cabin technology, including next-generation gesture control. Gestural control of technology on the concept of future interaction of 2018 BMW i8 has three sets of sensors along the length of the card for driver and passenger seats more comfortable sitting room have unique contact points of which control the ‘ Built-in integrated high-resolution chip display above. Air Touch plans to select the driver from the gesticulating position. The selection is done with the soft button on the left of the steering wheel, illuminated in white. The passenger makes selections of a luminous point straight from his seat.


Therefore, it is believed that the 2018 BMW i8 get a 10 kWh battery, compared to 7.1 kWh the unit found in the i8 today. Who are likely to see 2018 BMW i8 full range of the 15 miles / 24 km (Real World / EPA) electric range on 23-24 miles (37/38 km).

Release and Price

It will be released in 2018, and although BMW had already confirmed the arrival of the 2018 BMW i8 roadster, is the first time we see the car in official capacity only counted on the spy shots to date.

2018 Bmw I8 Black And Red Quarter Mile Black And Blue

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