2018 Citroen C5 Leak And Release Info

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 - Citroen
2018 Citroen C5 Nuevo Nuova Nya


Citroen next competitor for the Peugeot 3008, the 2018 Citroen C5, made its public debut at the Shanghai 2017 Motor Show. With a style motivated by the principle revealed in the same show in 2016, it is Located in the PSA Group’s EMP2 platform, which is shared with the Peugeot 3008 and DS 7 Crossback cars, as well as Vauxhall’s Grandaux X. Hybrid technology.

Exterior and Interior

The interior of the new 2018 Citroen C5 offers the occupants an atmosphere that exudes improvement, comfort and design. The appearance of your physical body almost matches the previous version. The new wheelbase creates more space for people sitting in the second row. 2018 Citroen C5, some modification styles, as for the front using LED technology for projectors. All passengers have enough legroom on this model.

The automaker 2018 Citroen C5 incorporated a new exterior color to the range, known as Moka Brown. The others include an on-board computer, a hands-free phone, a multimedia player with navigation and audio or audio transmission system on the new 7-inch touch pad.


A pair of 165 hp and 200 hp gasoline engines will be adapted to Chinese market versions, but when it appears in Europe, we expect 2018 Citroen C5 to be used with all four diesel engines. Two 1.6-liter units producing 98hp and 118hp should be offered alongside a pair of 148 liter and 148 hp engines and 2.0 liter more efficiently rendered by the Peugeot 3008. All must be equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission. A hybrid model will also be available that will use the combined efforts of a 200-hp gasoline engine with front wheels and two 50-hp electric motors that feed crampons for improved performance and minimal fuel use To gas or basic diesel models. Citroen says that this version will have an electric range of more than 37 miles, but it has not verified how much it will cost.

Release and Price

Its launch is planned for the end of 2018. The third generation of Citroen C5 will be launched in Europe and later in China. Without a doubt, the price of the 2018 Citroen C5 will be about 24,000 euros.

2018 Citroen C5 Iii Kombi Neues Modell

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