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Friday, August 18th, 2017 - Ford
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The small possibility of a minor aesthetic renovation to maintain the appeal of the showroom until the next complete overhaul, which is likely for the 2020 model year. More importantly, we ask Ford to put Provision of the 2018 Ford Explorer most important function today, braking safety. What could motivate the automaker to make any change must do with the tides of the market. 2018 Ford Explorer is the most sold American SUV, but the strongest competition demand stabilized during 2016. Culpa in the segment but also the constant trend of buyers to lose the size of compact crossovers and to a lesser extent as SUV class. This leaves the 2018 browser defending its position to take stylish traditional SUVs while appearing one of the wider ranges of the class model.

Exterior and Interior

The design of the 2018 Ford Explorer did not leave either unchanged. At the front there is a new grid with a lattice honeycomb and a different surrounding insert. The headlights are different LED while the bumper is a little more aggressive than ever. The “Sport” equipment level has a new rear bumper and a quad exhaust system that was not previously. All versions of the car get new tires that give it a little more sporting than before. Plus, tires are now involved in better quality rubber so the upgrade should be worth the money. A few new colors complete the facelift.

As we said, the 2018 Ford Explorer is not perfect, as it does not offer the same level of quality as some of its European and Japanese rivals. However, the car is definitely not as bad as some would say. To begin with, there is plenty of space in the cockpit. At the basic arrival, the 2018 Ford Explorer can accommodate up to 7 people in perfect comfort. As a bonus, the 2018 model will add new functionality to the mix. Now come with an optional 4G-LTE modem with a Wi-Fi hotspot, and Ford will also offer a subscription service for it. Ford will also add a new package “Safe and Smart” which includes different things. This includes things like adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning, forward collision warning, rear alert traffic alert as well as to help keep track. In addition, it also includes high automatic beams and rain sensor wipers. Although all these were available earlier, this is the first time the Ford Explorer 2018 will receive as a complete package.


He did not expect anything. The ’18 carry out the roads composite road and trusted handling that have been staples 2018 Ford Explorer. The driving comfort should remain a sales outlet as well, with only a tight sport suspension and low profile tires plot in to allow for severe shock reactions. Look for a 3.5-liter V-6 with 290 horsepower and 255 pounds of foot torque to remain standard on the base, XLT and Limited. A 2.3-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine with 280 horsepower and 310 pounds feet again optional on base and XLT and available at no cost to the Limited. Platinum Sport and return one of the most powerful class engines, a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 of 365 horsepower and 350 pounds of torque. All models must re-use a six-speed automatic transmission. Sport and standard platinum and available in others, the all-wheel drive system has not been designed for severe rolling. However, it is released from the pavement by a land management system that gives the driver a button on the console to select the powertrain algorithms and optimized for grass, gravel, sand, mud and coated surfaces of braking snow.

Release and Price

The version of the 2018 Ford Explorer was revealed in early April, and it looks like it will come out in the coming months, probably in the fall. The price has not yet been revealed. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to assume that does not differ much from the current model. The basic version of the car will probably cost about $ 32,000, which is where most of its rivals are. High-end models of 2018 Ford Explorer, on the other hand, will cost well beyond $ 55,000 that it is much more than any other car in its class. Even with this high price, the car will remain competitive, but more on a little later.

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