2018 GMC Sierra Leak And Release Info

Monday, August 21st, 2017 - GMC
2018 Gmc Sierra For Sale In Houston 4wd All Terrain X


Obviously, the truck is an earlier transition year, specifications and features have not changed much. When more news and information about the 2018 GMC Sierra is available, we will inform the details of everything that has changed, but for now, looking at the specifications and features of the 2017 model should give you all the information you need.

Exterior and Interior

2018 GMC Sierra is distinguished from square shoulders, the defense of flares and a domed hood. LED around the headlights for a signature watch at night. The tailgate is cushioned, so no results down when it is open, and a rear door lock is available. A small step in the rear bumper makes it easy to look on the bed or start something. LED lighting illuminates the bed. 2018 GMC Sierra has running boards that move back to access the bed, a very practical feature.

2018 GMC Sierra cabin feels luxurious. It’s convenient. Fabric seats offer good support and comfort and fabric is stain resistant. Heating and ventilation are available, although I do not think the ventilated seats offer much support. Steering wheel tilting and telescopic, manually to lower models in the upper lines electrically. Electrically adjustable pedals are available. Two gloves are provided. GMC Sierra 2018 standard dashboard is more detailed than the Silverado. The 2018 GMC Sierra models use a special display. Controls and displays are illuminated in blue with red backlight blends well with red pointers. The touch screens work easily and 2018 GMC Sierra is equipped with 4G LTE for the powerful Wi-Fi hotspot. Crew cabs offer almost as much room in the rear seats and the front, while the headrests are more suitable for the smaller ones. Most rear seats fold down for loading or dogs. The rear seats with double cabin are the best for children.


This does not mean that the 2018 GMC Sierra is not very exciting. Simply because there are not many changes in a vehicle no less than an option. It is still a new truck with an extra bright exterior and an intact interior. It is always available in different packages, such as Elevation Edition, Off-Road Group and even All Terrain X still has an amazing array of engine options available from the 4.3L V8 to 6.2L V8 5.3.

Release and Price

2018 GMC Sierra families cut below to see price differences MSRP $ 28,705 – $ 40,015.

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