2018 Mitsubishi Triton Leak And Release Info

Friday, August 18th, 2017 - Mitsubishi
2018 Mitsubishi Triton body kit barbarian dual cab


There is an incredible story about the Japanese compact pickup truck that has changed its name several times. In addition, the target markets and even at some point stopped production. Therefore, we are talking about Mitsubishi Triton which is particularly popular on the Australian market. In other markets, it is well-known as Mitsubishi L200. First, you can expect futuristic outdoor design, new power plant options and richer finish levels more comfortably. The timeline looks very respectable, but now 2018 Mitsubishi Triton is built on the new platform. Customers can choose between two options as the two-door pickup body or a four-door pickup truck. The assembly plant is located in Laem Chabang, Thailand. If you look at the body structure, it may conclude that has similarity with Mitsubishi Challenger. What about him? Challenger is actually a version for the North American market. We are forced to say more about the dimensions, such as the length of 205.1 inches, 71.7 inches wide, 70.1 inches in height and the wheelbase is 118.1 inches long.

Exterior and Interior

What the 2018 Mitsubishi Triton brings your design is reliability first. They plan to continue using the same platform as previously, as it has proven itself so that you can give an excellent basis for the model. The Triton architecture has already set up several years ago if this probably means that the car will have the same strength and rigidity as before. It is interesting to see how this will work this platform for performance and fuel economy car. The style of the 2018 Mitsubishi Triton has not evolved as we mean. They add some modifications to the appearance of the car, but remain essentially similar. But we agree that keeps the car cool and attractive and is the function that the model will have in the future. They incorporated a few swoopy lines and gave a much better aerodynamic shape. The car adopts a new bumper design, some lighting groups and a new series of wheels. Given all the improvements will make the car look much older, but we do not see any additional audiences with it.

Inside the 2018 Mitsubishi Triton has greatly improved the car and adds both the interior refinement, you can hang with the big models in the big league. What we see is that the material improved. As we mentioned something that just improved it was comfort and luxury. What they did is offer much more enjoyable for the seats and surfaces and materials, as well as many hard contact surfaces have been replaced by other softer ones. The car has always had good visibility of the driving position. The seats are positioned in a way that can have the best in class in terms of providing a good spectrum and a view on the outside. And speaking of the seats, this time will still be padded to make you feel comfortable, even when driving on different terrains. We also receive up-to-date information and entertainment system and this is great on the car. There will be pieces of equipment that will be standard for this model and also plan to improve car safety. Advanced driving aids are something that is expected and predicts that this is more than beneficial to the model.


The biggest change in the 2018 Mitsubishi Triton is the GR-VHE system. Now Large Hybrid Electric Vehicle Runner combines 2.5-liter turbo diesel-powered with an electric motor. This system is connected to the five-speed automatic or manual six-speed transmission that distributes power to the rear wheels or all wheels. It is obvious that the improved diesel plant brings CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. In addition, the new electric motor creates a wide electrical range with a new battery. Revised and differential suspension allows riding on rough terrain.

Release and Price

2018 Mitsubishi Triton hit the first domestic market in Japan and will make its debut. The release date is expected to be the end of the year, while other markets will be launched in Asia in 2018. The price for the latest Triton will be about $ 34,000 for beginners.

2018 Mitsubishi Triton bluetooth setup battery black edition

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