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Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 - Rolls-Royce
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In a well decorated, right next to Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, a Rolls-Royce Motor Cars PR, Rolls-Royce Motor Company, PR, encourages our enthusiasm for the new 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII. With normal words Rolls-Royce as “heritage”, “brand” and “custom” was a repeated phrase. A sentence that should not be necessary. A phrase provoking a concept that should be obvious if it is true. The new car, he said, “has not been an evolution” in the current Phantom. This, friends, is exciting to hear.

Exterior and Interior

The Phantom VIII is a large part of it, however, a lot of news at the same time. All in all, the car always has the same general style and block, if you had to take a look at just one way of the 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII would not have the ability to find the distinction. However, exactly what is essential to note here are that the small shades that make the distinction. Rolls makes the effort to build the aluminum body so that the gap closes at the joints, as much as possible, with the only obvious areas in the body that arise from the doors themselves. All other joints between body parts have a restricted space that cannot be seen at a glance or have been incorporated into a method that cannot be reported in the world. The other great story on this front is the grid method is now incorporated into the nose. Instead of being another system, it becomes part of the front facade. For the untrained eye, the front may not seem all that much, however, there is not really much to do here. To begin with, the two main ventilation grilles listed under the grid were modified by a slightly recessed location for the front license plate, any air dam and corner vents are all now huge with a nesting mesh Bee for extra character. These unusual horizontal lights have the outgoing pattern disappeared and its location is a set of smaller openings, one at each corner, providing an appearance of depth and some moderate aggressiveness, which could bring the young rich crowd. As we move forward, you will find that the same nose is no longer, elevating the symbol of the Spirit of Ecstacy larger than in the output of the model. The headlights are smaller in size and smoother than before, and also integrated into the dashboard by a few inches. Inside, you will find LED lights integrated with the “most innovative” laser lights system indicated to predict the light of nearly 2,000 feet on the road, illuminating even the darkest nights. Finally, the hood lines of the sharp body have moved more inward, and the hood has a higher existence, actually highlighting the new fairly good grille.

The interior of the 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII was really more of a flavor got with too flat and incident less face, strange glass panels line minivan in the pillars and a center console that suggests something you can see in a pickup truck. No it was not fancy, but was simply obsolete for a model with such skills. However, the question disappears, as Rolls really outdated and beyond exactly what most of us here Top Speed ​​very early on. Interestingly, the script always has the same basic shape block, and exactly what else could really ask for, as it really matches the exterior style. However, for this generation, there are offers of new goodies in advance. For beginners, the top-level of the map is now known as “The Gallery” and houses works of art that can be picked up by customers at the time of high-end custom speakers. Beyond that, the old, traditional and old evaluated in front of the guide wheel were modified by a fully digital system. And before everything starts to lose their mind, take a look. Rolls-Royce has done an outstanding job to maintain the timeless appearance, as much as possible, with digital analog ratings evaluates the latest gene designs. You will discover exactly what it looks like exactly the same circular HVAC mouths, but the tube in the center now have the list and display information on the CD changer controls listed below. HVAC chablis handles always include the same horizontal level control temperature, however, the buttons are now smaller and sit above them, while the physical buttons are sitting much higher. Subsequently, this reorganization and basic improvement really allowed a much cleaner appearance, while everything is overall and much more detailed easier to get access to both the driver and the front passenger.


It is true that 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII does not breathe alone, but is assisted by a pair of turbochargers bolted to a Rolls-Royce rounding up to 6.75 liters V12. The output power of the new engine is at 563 bhp of weakness 453, while the torque is 664 lb-ft, against 531. Rolls claims 0-60 times of 5.3 seconds for normal, 227.2 inches long and 5,4 inches for the 235.8 car extended version of the wheelbase.

Release and Price

Given that even with the full efficiency specifications, so it should not be surprising that prices are a secret today in total. Obviously, all that a 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII amusing badge is usually tied to a lot of tailor-made personal customization work, so the price does not really suggest much that no one buys a Rolls without it Your own before making the shipment. That said, the preliminary starting price could be available somewhere around $ 475,000, however, customers will undoubtedly surpass them faster once they start getting their way with them. Not a bad start, though.

2018 Phantom 8 Exterior

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